Friday, December 4, 2009

My Triple threat & Jayde's Sexiness always Wins Big

Poker has found its newest and HOTTEST player, Jayde Nicole, the newest star from the MTV hit show The Hills.... and has put her on the cover and threw in a spread as well. I think we can all agree that Jayde just made poker a whole lot sexier, bringing on plenty of new fans!! HUGE!!

Although Jayde is a RAD poker player she happens to be a FLAWLESS model/playmate.... which gives the poker world a few perks! A great poker player and a gorgeous model to put into the magazines in one?? SOOOOOO in season!! Loving it!! I am so proud of Jayde, she set out to learn to play poker and has become an asset to the poker world in general.

Not only did I do Jayde's makeup & hair I also did the styling on this pictorial. I love using custom pieces so for this pictorial I used a few from Chic Pop Chic AKA the bathing suit and silver chain. The other Jewelry is by Malin, the gold necklace by Sir Heffington, cuffs by PRADA, rings by Nior and of course we used Christian Louboutins as well as some hot BEBE heels!! SOO SEXY!!

I did Jayde's favorite look that I do on her which is very clean and fresh.

1.) For a flawless but great coverage I used La Prairie foundation
2.) I enhanced Jayde's strong eyebrows to shape her face
3.) I added Senna eyelid base to lighten the tone of her lid
4.) Add just to the crease of the eye Using bronzer to leave it fresh and glowing
5.) I used gorgeous individual lashes that you can get from Ardell online along with Duo lash glue -My ULTIMATE Fav!!
6.) On Jayde's cheeks I used Cheeky with Orgasm Blush by NARS
7.) Finished Jayde's makeup with a fresh look on the lip using Lustergloss by MAC.
-Joyce Bonelli