Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is my ULTIMATE favorite look!! Of course as many of you know RED LIPS are my signature everyday look, however its the perfect makeup look if you want to shock everyone with your beauty! D&G has great red lip shades that will go perfect with every skin tone. Live it up in red this NYE!!
This stunning ensemble will pair perfectly with the red lip makeup look. This dress by Balmain has strong shoulders, which I LOVE, SOOO IN SEASON! And the shoes are to die!!! Christian Louboutin has done it again with these over the top pumps to glitz up the dress to its fullest!

SHOW ME SMOKEY!! This smokey makeup look is also a great choice for NYE. It will give you the drama NYE calls for along with showcasing a mystery behind the eye. Nude lips keep the focus on the eye so no attention is taken away from the pieces being worn. I am obsessed with smokey eyes, therefore to really pump up the volume add a little more than usual around the eye to make the eye pop.

um excuse me, are you DYING over these dresses? Balmain is killing me with all these rad dresses! Both of which would go gorgeously with the smokey makeup look. Versace shoes are the perfect choice to pair with either one of these dresses. They don't take away the attention from the dress yet they still are intreseting enough to rock with! ;)

PEACH PLEASURE! If you are one of those girls who like to totally stand out with your attire then a peach-nude look will suit you best. When wearing such a pop of color you want to keep the face fresh and simple to really accentuate the dress. This is a great clean way to bring in the new year!
A perfect example of POP would be this cobalt blue dress by Balmain paired with a cute sequince pump from MIU MIU. HELLO SEQUINCE PARTY!!

Doll it up with a little pink!! When wearing something fully black a pink is always gorgeous to go with. The bright hue really stands out with a black backdrop. Im dying over this NYE makeup look. Really exaggerate the pink when applying it, a thick coat will last all night and make you pop in and out of photos. Make sure to do a nude eyeshadow to let the pink jump out at your NYE party! These two dresses are great options if you want to go a little more classy this NYE. The dresses are both all black with character that makes you stand out amongst the crowd! Balmain is the designer to check out for this NYE holiday. A simple YSL sky high pump will finish off this look and make your legs supermodel status!!

Don't think I forgot about all you girls that have had your outfit picked out for days! These great accessories are some of my favorites this year and will bring the star factor to your outfit!! GORGE-TIQUE!

ANDDDD, FOR ALL YOU GLAMOUR DOLLS THAT ARE CRAZY ENOUGHT and looking for the perfect shoe, try jumping into these loubies! Can you handle it? haha

Joyce Bonelli

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