Saturday, December 5, 2009


After a day of fun with toy drive and Peep Show, it was time to get our party pants on at Jet Nightclub in Vegas to kick off Holly's birthday month! Although Holly's birthday isn't for 18 more days the party at Jet fit into schedule perfectly! Holly looked gorgeous obviously... SO TYPICAL! LOL She walked down the red carpet in a glitzy glamorous dress by Mandaly and a cute strapy pump by FabuLASH. HOT! ;)

Since the dress was so glamorous, of course Holly had to have hair that matched. So for this look I gave her hair an exquisite curl and topped it off with a GORGEOUS silver headband, which totally completed the look.

After a few minutes of being inside, JET brought out the cutest cake I have ever seen, for Holly. Honestly HOW CUTE is this replica of Holly's red and white striped convertible? TO DIE! Holly was so excited to see what they made for her, and I think it landed way above her expectations!

For this Makeup Look I went GLAM but not overbearing! Follow these simple steps to get the same look as Holly <3

1.) As I've said before, Holly has gorgeous flawless skin so I only put a sheer coat of Designer Shaping Cream by Armani.

2.) Her signature brows are shaped with Mac's lingering eye brown crayon

3.) I created a cateye look with Liquid eye liner by Sephora; I love the brush on this eyeliner because its so fine and gives you the perfect control. Using an angle brush go over the liner with shadow to smudge out the line a bit.

4.) The eye shadow I used on this makeup look is Chopper by Urban Decay.

5.) Her gorgeous lashes are coated with Mac's Plush Lash Mascara

6.) Then I put Holly's Favorite Ardell's Demi Wispy strip lash on along with LONG individual lashes on top. TIP: to keep a fluttery look, DO NOT apply mascara to false lashes

7.) On Holly's cheeks I apply MAC Dollmix Blush,(she secretly sneaks and adds A LOT more that I put on her), this is Holly's ultimate favorite and I've actually grown to like it just as much. Don't forget to add a punch of Mac's pink swoon sheer tone blush to rounds of cheeks.

8.) I finished look with a luscious coat of Satin Gloss by NARS on her lips. XOXO- Joyce Bonelli

After the cake, the party began! We had so much fun dancing around the club and meeting up with friends. This was such a great birthday party and everyone was so sweet! We had so much fun and looked gorgeous while doing it... wait, typical!! LOL Because there was sooooo many fans taking photos with Holly, I played BODY GAURD and took control!! HAHA HMMM, I was considering moving to Vegas to be Makeup Artist by day, Body Guard by night.... what do you think?? LOL


HAHA Holly is so funny snapping photos on her blackberry!

lastly, CONGRATS to Holly's new show on E! Holly's World and also heres a peak at PEEP SHOW if you haven't had the chance to yet see it!!

-Joyce Bonelli <3

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