Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So for all of you crazies that are hiding under a rock and don't know..... my stunning KarDASHballZ Dolls are opening up their own store at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The store opens on August 21st, 2010. Fans of The Kardashians can Keep Up with them by purchasing things like Kris Jenner Dresses, Kim Kardashian style Pink Boxing Gloves, and even buy swimwear that the DashDolls wear on the show. This is going to be a Kardashian Wonderland and anybody whos anybody will make a trip to the fabulous SIN CITY to swoop some Kardashian Style.

Anyway.... Onto the MAKEUP! Yesterday we had an early morning where I sprung out my brushes and painted the flawless faces of the Kardash FamBam. Contouring, mile long Lashes, and their signature smokey eyes made them pop at the Press Conference. I couldn't have been more proud to see them strut their stuff and engage in photo after photo. SO GORGE!!!!!

You can check out a YouTube Vid of the KardashballZ by following this link!

Joyce Bonelli

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lala Vasquez hits the red carpet with her BANGIN bod looking so FIERCE!

Last night my girl Lala Vasquez rocked it out at the BET awards. We kept makeup very luxurious and smokey. The gold on the eyes is to die. Monica Rose aka most sought out stylist in Hollywood, had a dress made specifically for Lala and well.... need I say more? The curvaceous, bootylicious, glam, hottie worked it and as a result blogs are talking about how gorgeous she looked, the dress looked stunning, and simplicity looks great on her.

Lala poses with her fiance and nominee Carmelo Anthony. The duo look gorgeous together.

Joyce Bonelli

Sunday, June 27, 2010

24 Hours in New York with Kim Kardashian

Oh hiiii!!! On last Monday night Kim & I took a red eye out of LAX to JFK in New York City! The flight there was amazing, first class on a Virgin America flight.... needless to say Virgin is my favorite airlines! The day was a cray cray fun filled day of work that felt like play. We rocked it out and glamed up the gorgeous Armenian Princess and rolled down the streets of NYC to Perfumania. Kim made an appearance and then we went onto the next location which was another Perfumania. Kim is defiantly someone who works so hard and really cares about her fans, this girl never takes a break!!

Checking out Kim's perfume poster in the store front window.... GORGE!

Of course the PAPARAZZZZZZZZZI caught us as we were leaving Perfumania, and snapped a few shots of Kim! I don't understand how she ALWAYS looks so gorgeous and handles the Paps with such poise! #inspirationstatus

As soon as we had some downtime Kim wanted to do a little shopping. She took me a store that she knew I would LOVE! When we walked into Patricia Fields, I almost PASSED OUT because I loved it so much!! I found an amazing Ice Cream Cone Head Band & I JUST HAD TO BUY IT. I now wear my ice cream cone like every second and cannot wait to go back to NY to pick up some more cool finds with my girl Kim Kardashian!

Joyce Bonelli

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moisturize is the KEY to Great Skin

A lot of you have been asking me what I use on my face to prime it before makeup! Because I CANNOT live without moisturizer I decided to share with you my FAVORITE cream! I have such dry skin that few things work to keep moisture locked in all day.... Well I have the answer for all skin types! CREME DE LA MER is the $h*T! Literally the second you warm a small amount into your hands and pat it on the skin, you feel the soothing effects!

Soo ladies... AND gentlemen, if you are looking for an amazing new face cream, try out CREME DE LA MER and let me know how it works for you!

Joyce Bonelli

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash Party at Planet Hollywood

Hey DolLFaces!!
Here are a few Red Carpet Pix from The Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash Party, Holly & I went to a couple weeks ago! We had so much fun & since it was at our own home, aka Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, it made it THAT much more fun! Great way to KICK OFF the summer!

Joyce Bonelli


Although my girl Holly currently lives in The FABULOUS Las Vegas, she is STILL rockin it out on the cover of LA Health Magazine! Looking stunning in yellow Holly flashes a smile for the photog looking better than ever! Take a look at this Gorgeous Fresh Face just in time for summer, on stands now! **Makeup By Joyce**

Joyce Bonelli

Monday, June 21, 2010

CLEAN & FRESH with my Gorgeous Dash Doll, Kim.

On Saturday night my Dash Dolls Kim & Kourtney hosted the Vegas Magazine 7th Annual party held at Surrender nightclub in the Encore hotel in Las Vegas! I got to rock it out with Kim and give her a clean and fresh look! HOW GORGE DOES SHE LOOK? Absolutely Stunning!

When I am with these Dolls I am in constant giggle mode, they are so funny together I can barley stand it! Die for them!! I'm loving the outfits and a change up in hair.

I am LOVING this eye makeup. Smokey eyes look incredible for a night out. I took out the liner to give a winged out cat eye. The number one tip I can give on creating this smokey look is to BLEND BLEND BLEND! Pop on a cluster of whispy individual lashes and you are good to go. Of course Kim pulls this look off flawlessly... oh wait, when doesn't she?

At the Vegas Magazine party I took a moment to strut down the carpet behind the girls and flash a couple of poses, then it was back to work! MAKEUP MAKEUP MAKEUP! I had so much fun in Vegas with my Dash Dolls and have to say this is one of my favorite looks on Kim! Comment and let me know all of your thoughts!

Joyce Bonelli

Monday, June 14, 2010


The NEW hit series Holly's World is on Sunday nights at 10:30pm on E! right after Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami!! Don't forget to tune in and meet my fabulous friends/VEGASFAMILY.

Meet the Cast & my closest friends:

When Holly said so long to LA, she hit Vegas running and quickly made a name for herself as the sexy lead in PEEPSHOW. She's also formed realtionships with a tight-knit circle of friends for whom she plays both Mother and Matchmaker. But why stop there? She loves this town and is taking the role of the city's "First Lady," tackling everything from local politics to traffic issues on the Strip. Hectic? Sure! Chaotic? You bet! One thing is for certain, NO ONE can predict whats going to happen next in Holly's World.

Angel serves as Holly's personal assistant, best friend, and overall sidekick. With her BIG green eyes, blonde hair, and voice that sounds like she has swallowed a helium ballon, Angel is a bubbly- and at times bubble-brained- single mom to her adorable baby boy, Roman.

Josh has the charm, vocal talent, and good looks of a Broadway musical comedy star! He created the role of TARZAN on Broadway and performed in the national touring company of RENT before joining the cast of PEEPSHOW as the production's resident heartthrob! In contrast to Angel and Laura, he's the "sane" part of Holly's posse, which isn't saying much!

Laura is Holly's Raven haired roommate who describes herself as DFW (Down For Whatever). Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Laura is definitely the "Wild one" of the group. She enjoys parting, strip clubs, and drinking and has been known to display an alter ego in the form of a character she calls Tanya.

We had SO MUCH FUN at the Viewing Party at Planet Hollywood in Vegas!!
"My friends are like Twinkies, awesome on the outside, and on the inside too!" -Holly Madison


Look what I found on Monica Rose's Blog!!

Fount this on Monica Rose Stylist's Blog! I love the jewelry by Australian designer, Sylvie Markovina. These rings are from the "Lost Highway" Collection, check her out for great pieces!

Kim is looking GORGEOUS & FLAWLESS as always! Makeup by me, does she not just look STUNNING??!!! #LOVINGIT!!!!