Monday, June 21, 2010

CLEAN & FRESH with my Gorgeous Dash Doll, Kim.

On Saturday night my Dash Dolls Kim & Kourtney hosted the Vegas Magazine 7th Annual party held at Surrender nightclub in the Encore hotel in Las Vegas! I got to rock it out with Kim and give her a clean and fresh look! HOW GORGE DOES SHE LOOK? Absolutely Stunning!

When I am with these Dolls I am in constant giggle mode, they are so funny together I can barley stand it! Die for them!! I'm loving the outfits and a change up in hair.

I am LOVING this eye makeup. Smokey eyes look incredible for a night out. I took out the liner to give a winged out cat eye. The number one tip I can give on creating this smokey look is to BLEND BLEND BLEND! Pop on a cluster of whispy individual lashes and you are good to go. Of course Kim pulls this look off flawlessly... oh wait, when doesn't she?

At the Vegas Magazine party I took a moment to strut down the carpet behind the girls and flash a couple of poses, then it was back to work! MAKEUP MAKEUP MAKEUP! I had so much fun in Vegas with my Dash Dolls and have to say this is one of my favorite looks on Kim! Comment and let me know all of your thoughts!

Joyce Bonelli


  1. they look beautiful

    could you please tell us, wiche make-up you have used on them?

  2. This is absolutly the best look I have seen on her. I would love to know the color of lipstick, liner, and gloss you used on her!

  3. I would really like to know her whole makeup process. I would like to try to recreate this on myself.