Sunday, June 27, 2010

24 Hours in New York with Kim Kardashian

Oh hiiii!!! On last Monday night Kim & I took a red eye out of LAX to JFK in New York City! The flight there was amazing, first class on a Virgin America flight.... needless to say Virgin is my favorite airlines! The day was a cray cray fun filled day of work that felt like play. We rocked it out and glamed up the gorgeous Armenian Princess and rolled down the streets of NYC to Perfumania. Kim made an appearance and then we went onto the next location which was another Perfumania. Kim is defiantly someone who works so hard and really cares about her fans, this girl never takes a break!!

Checking out Kim's perfume poster in the store front window.... GORGE!

Of course the PAPARAZZZZZZZZZI caught us as we were leaving Perfumania, and snapped a few shots of Kim! I don't understand how she ALWAYS looks so gorgeous and handles the Paps with such poise! #inspirationstatus

As soon as we had some downtime Kim wanted to do a little shopping. She took me a store that she knew I would LOVE! When we walked into Patricia Fields, I almost PASSED OUT because I loved it so much!! I found an amazing Ice Cream Cone Head Band & I JUST HAD TO BUY IT. I now wear my ice cream cone like every second and cannot wait to go back to NY to pick up some more cool finds with my girl Kim Kardashian!

Joyce Bonelli

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  1. I love kim!! She always looks amazing.. I also love your job as a makeup artist