Friday, November 13, 2009


So guys, as most of you know Khloe Kardashian had one of the raddest BACHELORETTE parties that would be impossible to out do!  This GORGE-TIQUE newly wed totally slam-dunked the definition of bachelorette party.  From all the PENIS merchandise to Pleasure Chest demonstrating how to do a striptease for our husbands and boyfriends to the HUGE BLACK PENIS cake, you can obviously see we knew how to have a good time!  This is a night of laughs that I know I will never forget! 
I was not at the party for more than ten minutes when all the sex toys and gag gifts came out! This party was totally just girls being girls! And we LOVED it! 
Kissy face with Malika!
And this would be when the striptease tutorial came out! I can't really tell if we were concentrated on learning the moves or just creeped out by what was going on.... I'll leave it up for you to decide!
Monica Rose & I posing with our penis straws.

Ummmm, is it weird that Kourtney & I were the only ones who chose a white penis straw?  Or that we actually noticed that the two colors were actually different molds? 

TO BREAK IT DOWN.. LOL the white one had balls that hung further down, were smaller, and had veins on the shaft.... Where as the BLACK ones had HUGE balls and a juicy vein filled shaft!  NO wonder they all choose the black ones! LMAO

AND THE FUN BEINGS WITH THE GIFTS! Look what Kourtney found! Couldn't have been a better way to start off the gifts! 
We of course showered her with SEXY lingerie. And seemed to be Khloe's favorite gift!
hmm, I take it she really liked the leopard thong?

& I just had to add in this picture because it is such a cute moment for them!  They both totally have that cute Mom, Daughter bonding look on their face! awwwww ;)

Like I said, Khloe really liked that thong!  Don't you think it fits her well?  This is a great look for you DollFace! LOL
YAY Quick PHOTO OP!  Snapshot with my girls! Of course I'm still holding my glass with the penis straws! 

& it seems as though Khloe found another head band... nope, just a leopard faced, Asian Provocateur blindfold I got her. I'm jealous! I want it back HAHA.... rawrrrr! HAHAH

The PENISS' never stopped! Heres the pinata, in the shape of a penis of course with all the fun necklaces surrounding it, as if you didn't get the picture! LOL LOVING IT!!


Modeling my outfit in the bathroom HAHA! I had to get my shoes in the photo for you to get the full effect! Luxury Jones dress from my favorite store in Venice, Madley, on Abbott Kinney, Head piece also from Luxury Jones sold at Madley, and my YSL booties.  Do you LOVE?

I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF!  This was just one of those cakes that I needed to be in a photo with!    Wait... is this a life-size mold??? HAHAH

Until next time,XOXO

Joyce Bonelli


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