Saturday, November 14, 2009


PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Burns

Today is the day! I am so excited for Kourtney Kardashian's baby shower this afternoon. I have been working hard to create this gorgeous Vintage Baby Buggy arrangement to gift Kourt with. I was so amped to find a 1953 vintage baby buggy at a vintage store in LA. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it for Kourt. Inside the buggy I stuffed it full of cute gifts and clothing from some amazing designers from the LA area. Here's also a few photos from a fun shoot I did with the buggy in Venice!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Burns

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Burns

I love that Kourt and I share the same love for Vintage things. I think it is so fabuLASH when you can re-use pieces with a history behind them and a past life with stories untold. A few things that were included in the gift buggy are listed below... most items in the buggy are not pictured below as there is way to much to list!!

Can you believe that this is a cake, made of DIAPERS? As soon as I came across these gorgeous cakes made by Bloomers Baby I knew that it had to set as the center piece for the baby buggy! The cake was beautifully wrapped and bowed. When the shipment arrived I was shocked to see that it was fully in tact and exceeded my expectations!

This is a look alike keepsake rattle from Pink Taffy Designs. What a better idea than to add a keepsake rattle to the top of the diaper cake? The rattle was customized by hand with a "D" for Disick and done in swarovski crystal... loving this BLING!

Are these little baby converse to die for? These baby shoes topped the diaper cake along with the rattle. The shoes of course were not pink LOL, they were customized with a "D" for Disick and done in black and white swarovski crystals with black and white polka dot laces made from ribbon. How rad is this new addition going to be styled???

Since babies and new borns especially are constantly learning it is very important for them to have a range of colors and textures around them at all times. I found the SOFTEST silky blanket from Little Giraffe Luxe Blankets and knew instantly that it had to be added into the buggy. It was luxuriously spilling out the side of the buggy to create that comforting glamour setting.

of course I had to add in the Mustela Skin Care line. This is one that is best for babies and new borns. It also happens to be one that Kourtney requested because of learning it is the best one through research!

Two things in specific that are not pictured that happen to be my favorite things are: A customized onesie that has a "MADE IN MIAMI" stamp on it created by red swarovski crystals! Also I had another onesie made that says "My K.J. ROCKS". K.J. standing for Kris Jenner because we all know Kourt along with siblings call their grandma M.J. so why not carry on the tradition with grandma Kris! ADORABLE.. RIGHT?

This is going to be one RAD shower! Can't wait to update you later with show air dates and photos!
Until next time,
Joyce Bonelli

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