Friday, November 6, 2009



1.) It's always best to prep your skin before applying any makeup. This will make the makeup stick to the skin better and actually last longer overall. For this I use MAC Makeup Remover Wipes. Just glide the wipe over entire face to make sure all dirt and makeup is gone and you have a fresh surface to start with. ;)
2.) Creame De La Mar is the next thing I personally recomend you use on the surface of the skin. Gently massage in the moisturizer to keep the face moist and hydrated. Keep in mind less is more, it can get a little greasy if too much is applied, use just enough to hydrate the skin.
3.) Foundation is what I apply next. The specific one I used on Jenna for this look is an Armani Foundation, #9, tan hue. And Set with Powder.
4.) Usually I apply bronzer next to give the face a lumminecent glow, for this I used NARS Casino Bronzer.
5.) I applied a light blush to Jenna. NARS Gina Bulsh to be exact!
6.) Urban Decay carries the best eye shadows! I used the BRONZE eyeshadow color in this specific look.
7.) On the lash-line I used Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Shadow.
8.) Sephora Brand Liquid Eyeline saves my life! It is so easy to apply and creates a flawless picture perfect line.
9.) I got Jenna's lashes to look so full and fluttery by using Long Falsetto Lashes by Scott Barnes on the top lash line. For the bottom I used Adell individual short black lashes.
10.) WHITE EYELINER really makes the eyes come to life, giving that dolly look. My favorite eyeliner pencil is MAC. I find this specific pencil stays on for a long time.
11.) I love to use lip pencils on Jenna to really give the lip a gorgeous shape! Senna Peach is what I used and I topped it off with NARS Turkish Delight Gloss to give a luster shine!


For this look you would use the exact steps listed above with the exception of adding a few more products as well as taking some away. As you can see the difference from the picture above this look is a bit more smokey. I applied a darker eye shadow around the eyelid of course by Urban Decay. Blend Blend Blend and Smudge! Also I used Super Orgasim Blush by NARS which leaves stunning glitter flakes. And a darker lip color, Chelsea Girl by NARS, turned this look from a day time look to a glamourous night out style.

<3 REMEMBER! Always apply your makeup a little heavier when creating a night time look, because the heavier makeup will pop and be more visable!

This look was inspired by the infamous ,TWIGGY (MY ALL TIME FAV). The new age feel gives this look a freshness that none other can pull of then this striking sex symbol.
This look, once again, is similar to the two above as far as the skin prep, eyebrow, and lips. I used most of the same products and took the same steps... The things that I have changed are of course most obvious, the eyeshadow and bottom Doll lashes. For this I used Charcoal color by Bobbi Bown. The lashes that I used on Jenna's bottom lash line in this look were imported from Japan, however the lashes on top are Scott Barnes. The Bonzer I used the same bronzer just did a lighter application! The Lips are pretty simple all I used was Turkish Delight by NARS. GORGEOUS!!

Joyce Bonelli

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  1. very beautiful. could you tell me what u have used on her brows? and is it possible to make a video tutorial about this look it's.

    thank you