Friday, July 9, 2010


HAHA Check out this blog from Kourtney Kardash's blog LOL I'm dying...... SEXY BLONDE?!? HAHA CRAAZZZY BLONDE!

"Gotta give it to the trash mags this week for some pretty creative Kardashian stories.

One of my favorites is that Scott was flirting with a sexy blonde aka Joyce my most gorgeous and fabulous friend and makeup artist. Lol.

The story then went on about how Scott was downing sangria, a drink I’m pretty sure he has never had before, in fact there wasn’t even any sangria at the table. Not to mention, he wasn’t drinking alcohol period. I would love to know whose imagination this stuff comes from…do they just pull things out of a hat?

Here are some pics from the night in question…I am wearing a Bebe dress, Louboutin pumps, a Chanel bag and Loren Jewels earrings. Scott is in Astor and Black suit with Ferragamo loafers.

Joyce is looking stunning as always!"

GreenHouse was so much fun that night... let's see what the TRASH MAGS will come up with next, haha!


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  1. hey joyce

    I am your biggest fan in the UK your work is truly inspiring, me and my friends check your blog constantly, my biggest question is please could you let me know what highlighter you use on kim cheekbones i am in awe of your contouring.
    with love from the UK