Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kim & Kourtney Being Gorgeous Around New York

More running around for Kim & Kourt. The girls spent their day doing more NYC activities, until it came time to party their pants off for Khloe's Bday Bash! Makeup by me all day... Check out how rad this headband butterfly hat is that Kourtney got me for my Birthday. I am freaking out over all these amazing new head pieces the Kardashian FamBam has gotten me. I will post a blog soon with all the head pieces so you can see how amazballZ they all are!!

Joyce Bonelli

1 comment:

  1. hi joyce
    I am your biggest fan in the UK your work is truly inspiring, me and my friends check your blog constantly, my biggest question is please could you let me know what highlighter you use on kim cheekbones i am in awe of your contouring.
    with love from the UK